SIMPLY DELICIOUS Everyone is an expert on food and we love food as much as you. That's why we make it exactly how you would: using fresh & lean ingredients for a gourmet-inspired meals, SIMPLY DELICIOUS.

OUR BEGINNINGS - Journey from ideas to fruition : mini logo is the brainchild of our Chairman, Dato’ Sri Effendi Norwawi. When Dato’ Sri first mooted the
idea of having a really high quality Ready-to-serve gourmet meals, our first thoughts were in the negative, “How can a gourmet meals be made Ready-to-serve?”, “How can it be preserved to ensure the quality is maintained and be consistent?”, “who will be the target market?”
Some of these questions took months for us to find answers and now they are all revealed.

CORE IDEAS : During the formative period we have identified mini logo brand core values, to win the hearts and mind of the targeted consumers:

i. Quality - producing food that is of high quality to meet consumer needs.
ii. Standards – to meet & exceed the most stringent Food Handling & Safety requirements.
iii. Healthy & Delicious - To produce food that are healthy, safe, good & wholesome for consumption.
iv. Trust - To develop mutual trust & respect amongst ourselves, between us & our consumers through engagements & World Class CRM.

BASIS - ditto : We have also identified Organizational Strategic framework on which Flavor Innovation shall be based on, they are:

i. Consumer Engagements – Excellence in meeting consumer needs and consumer relationship.
ii. World Class manufacturing – meeting & exceeding Global standard of Food manufacturing and to be the benchmark of the local food industry.
iii. Science of Cooking- converting the art of cooking into science with excellent NPD program.
iv. Supply Chain Management – management of interconnected business processes.
v. An organization dedicated & committed staffs.

Only time will tell on how we will achieve our aspirations to be a global player in the manufacturing & marketing of Halal ready-to-serve food. Our vision is about meeting consumers’ needs & making ready-to-serve food an easier, healthier and more enjoyable part of life.