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Flavor Innovation Sdn Bhd (FISB), the brand owner of My Chef, was incorporated in 2011 with the objective of venturing in to F&B industry, particularly in the convenience Ready to Eat meals segment. We started with Frozen ready to Eat meals products marketed as convenient food sold at convenience shop and

FISB realised that Halal ambient shelf life stable market is still an unsaturated as compared to frozen foos market and it is rapidly growing market locally and globally. Hence, in 2018 we took a turn and embark on a company repositioning strategy. Now we are aiming to be the best in producing Halal ambient shelf life stable Ready to Eat meals in South East Asia Region.

We are a 100% Bumiputra and Muslim owned company. The paid up capital of the company up to date stood at RM 17 million.

To ensure the quality of our products, we have been certified and enforced the following standards:

  • Halal certification by JAKIM
  • MESTI by Ministry of Health, Malaysia
  • HACCP and GMP
  • We are aspire to be a global player in the manufacturing and marketing of Ready to Eat Halal meals.
  • Creating higher food values and enhancing eating lifestyles in Ready to Eat meals.
  • Making RTE Meal an easier, healthier and enjoyable part of life.
  • To be the leader in developing our innovation with advance technology.
  • To create values and enriching life in a sustainable way contribute local economic, social and environmental development.
  • To prioritize and committed to product safety, quality innovation and product excellence; at the same time able to meet market demand and consumer’s needs.

Why Retort?


Advantages of Food Sterilisation or Retort processing


Sterilisation or Retort processing is the killing or removal of all microorganisms, including bacterial spores, which are highly resistant.


Food Safety

increased microbial safety and control foodborne pathogens, preventing spoilage and delaying oxidation.


ambient storage, extending shelf-life of packed food which otherwise are sensitive to microbial spoilage without refrigeration.

Long Shelf-Life

after sterilisation the shelf-life of the packed food can be extended to more than 12 months, up to 2 years or more.

Food Hygiene

considered more hygienic than fresh food because contamination and transmission of diseases can be efficiently prevented.

Cost effective

lesser food wastage due to longer shelf-life, no need refrigeration means cheaper cost for distribution.

Easy handling

fast, easy and convenient to prepare and serve.

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