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1 minute meaL

myChef 1-minute meals are lovingly prepared for your convenience. They can last without refrigeration for up to a year, so you can enjoy it anytime, anywhere. Each recipe has been through a meticulous R&D process by our team of professional chefs, food technologists as well as our founders, in our state-of-the-art facility 
using the latest retort technology that ensures safety, quality and taste.

Perfect For Travel

Look no further, myChef 1 minute meal is a perfect halal food companion for your travel needs.

Time Saving for Busy Life

We provide delicious convenience food that requires fast reheat time ideal for your busy life.

Convenience for Outdoor Activities

We provide the solution for your craving while enjoying outdoor activities out in the nature.

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The Taste of Home

Let our Nasi Goreng take you back to the past

When it comes to comfort food, Chinese fried rice is one of myChef all-time bestseller. Our customer has fond memories of eating this delicious dish, and it always brings a smile to their face.

Open Up. Heat Up. Eat Up.

1. Ketuhar Gelombang Mikro / Microwave Oven

Tuang makanan ke dalam mangkuk tahan ketuhar gelombang mikro.

Pour food into a microwavable bowl.

Panaskan makanan dengan suhu tinggi 1 minit.

Heat on high temperature for 1 minute.

Sedia untuk dinikmati!


2. Dapur Api / Stove

Tuangkan makanan ke dalam periuk.

Empty food into a saucepan.

Panaskan dengan api sederhana selama 1-3 minit.

Heat on medium heat for 1-3 minutes.

Sedia untuk dinikmati!


3. Air Mendidih / Boiling Water

Rendam pek dalam air mendidih selama 10 minit.

Submerge the pouch in boiling water for 10 minit.

Buka pek, sedia untuk dinikmati!

Open the pouch and enjoy!

AWAS - Berhati-hati mengendalikan pek makanan setelah dipanaskan.

Caution - handle with care after heating.

Yummy, Just Like Mummy's

Tickle Your Taste Bud, Bring You Back To The Past.

Mutton Briyani with rice is one of the most iconic and well-loved dishes in Malaysia. It is a dish that is steeped in history and has been enjoyed by all classes of society for centuries. The dish is traditionally made with Mutton, rice, and a variety of spices. 

Wait What? Still deciding what to eat for dinner?

Grab us home and enjoy your family bonding time with myChef!



Good Foods Deserve Good Reviews

The fried rice was very tasty and saved me a lot of time. I am a busy person and this food was very convenient for me.
Muhammad Haziq
Kuala Lumpur
I really appreciate how this dish is so easy to cook and how it still tastes really good. I don't know how to cook very well, but I always love to eat, so this dish is perfect for me.
Nurul Nabilah
I was working far from my hometown and I miss my home cook so much but thanks to Mychef. I can finally taste a bit of healthy home cooking fried rice and the taste is very good.

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